How to show FOC item in invoices


How do I show a free of charge item in my supplier and customer invoices? When I try to enter 0.00 I get an error message saying that the line is incomplete?



If the whole invoice has a zero value, it has no effect on accounting so you’re not able to record it.

But there are a few workarounds:

  1. Include it in another invoice and show it as 0.00
  2. Include it in another invoice and show it as a comment line
  3. Raise the invoice to it’s full value and then credit note it

Thanks for that. CAL

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Hi when I add a invoice line that has a zero balance it disappears when it is saved. The invoice does have other chargeable items on it though that don’t disappear. I don’t really want to add it as a comment line as I want it to show a 0 balance in the cost field

Hi @Johanna_Logan1

This shouldn’t be the case. Is it there anything special about this particular line on the invoice (e.g. is it using a different nominal code compared to the others)?

It worked for us on our last invoicing run, different nominal codes for the paid line and the “freebie”.

Sorry it was my fault, I was putting the cost in as £0.00 and the amount as 0, when I changed the amount to 1 it was fine