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How to switch off automatic invoice numbering

Is there a way to switch off the automatic invoice number generation? I’ve looked through the settings but can’t see it. I have a particular pattern for my invoice references so I need to enter them manually each time, but because Quickfile auto-fills the field with its best guess at what it should be, I occasionally forget to alter the field and end up saving the invoice with Quickfile’s number instead of mine. I just want the field to be blank but mandatory, so I can’t forget to fill it in before saving.


Hi @AndyK

I’m afraid this isn’t possible at the moment. I’ve moved this into a feature request for you.

OK, thanks. It’s not a big issue but it would help avoid errors, and looking through the posts here it’s obvious I’m far from the only one using their own invoice numbers for various reasons. My invoice numbers encode information that helps me cross-check against my booking records and compensate for some shortcomings in the (mostly very good) project tagging facility. I must do a feature request about that sometime…

There’s probably a way this could be done with custom JavaScript but since the same page is used for creating new invoices and for editing existing ones, the challenge is to work out how to delete the number from new invoices without also messing up when you try to edit an existing one.

Interesting. I’d not noticed the Javascript option before. It doesn’t seem to have a lot of documentation as yet, but based on the examples in the knowledgebase and an inspection of the page source, I’m guessing I would need to have

$("#tblstaticInvoiceSettings #txtinvoiceNumber").val("");

As for determining whether it’s an existing invoice or a new one: When you start creating a new invoice, the header area (#lblinvoiceHeader) contains the string “New Invoice”, whereas it doesn’t when you’re editing an existing one.


OK, I’ve just tried this script idea, making it test whether the URL query string is null or not. (It is null for a brand new invoice but contains a value of "?invoiceID={number}"when editing an existing invoice.) Unfortunately this doesn’t work for a new invoice created by copying an existing invoice, where the URL is indistinguishable. As that’s how I create most of my invoices, that limits the usefulness of the solution.

Which reminds me, the feature request should include that requirement:

With the “no auto-fill” option enabled, new invoices created by making a copy of an existing invoice should also have a blank invoice number field which must be completed by the user before saving.

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