How to tag two invoices to one bank payment?

Hi, i have a couple of instances where i have purchased goods from a supplier a couple of times the same day, their request to my bank is for one payment for that day, how do i tag the two invoices to satisfy the one payment?


Hi Simon,

You can tag one bank transaction to multiple purchases for the same supplier like this:
Click ‘Tag Me!’ and select:

Select the multiple invoice option:

Enter the suppliers name:

And then just assign to the relevant invoices, or assign as credit to their account (Assign Later)


Great thanks for that! I purchase without creating a purchase record and then wait for the bank feed to come through before scanning the invoice in then tagging the amount from the bank to the invoice, so in this case what i’ve done is create two purchase invoices for the offending transactions and then pay down multiple as you have shown, worked a treat!

BTW, nice easy how to explanation :smile:

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