How to tagg a payment from a foreign account in CZK for EUR Invoice

Hello Glenn,
We have read the Quick file forum and we know that someone had the similar problem as we have. Example: I am
in the UK and I pay with the credit card which belongs to the the Czech bank account. How to tagg it- on the bank statement I have the amount in the Czech crowns, but the payment was in GBP. We tried your advice from the quickfile
forum but when I choose Purchases- outstanding purchases-view-log payment- paid
from- I do not see the CZK account even though it is set in Banking accounts, and in other operations I can see it. Or like the screenshots are, we paid by mistake some EUR Invoice from the CZK Bank account

Thank you very

Unfortunately we don’t yet support direct payments on one foreign currency invoice made from another foreign currency bank account. In order to achieve this you’d need to pay it from a GBP account (you could use a petty cash account or something similar) and then transfer that GBP balance to your CZK account.

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