How to view previous emails


How do I look at emails that I have sent to customer out of Quickfile, please, e.g. to evidence when invoices were sent?

Also, how do I delete a bank account that was created in error?

Many thanks

PS I am a real big fan of QF and recommend it to all our customers.

Go to banking, and press big red circle with white cross top delete the relevant bank account.

There is log of events displaying on QF dashboard, at bottom of screen, plus customer panel would have all invoices sent to them also messages if any

Firstly, thank you for the recommendations.

Although we don’t keep a copy of the emails, you can find a trace in the event log to show that it has been sent and this will also show the email address where it was delivered to.

  1. Go into the account settings menu and select all settings.
  2. Look for the option ‘Event Log Browser’ and follow the link.
  3. In the event notes box enter the following text

This will give you a list of all invoices dispatched by email from the system.

Deleting a bank account can be done by first removing all the transactions inside the account then deleting from the bank management screen.

Hope that helps!

This helps a bit, but when I send confirmation of payment to the client it is not showing in the event log…

When I allocate payment to the invoice I send confirmation of payment to our customers. Occasionally I might forget to tick the box that sends this e-mail. How do I know if this e-mail has been sent or not?

I’ve put in a recommendation to modify the event log entry to specify that a confirmation email has been dispatched when logging the payment. Unfortunately I can’t promise when/if this will be implemented but it will be reviewed by our developers.

Do you use your own SMTP server?

If so, you may have a copy of the emails saved in your sent folder for the address you sent it from - depends on your service provider.

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Thanks for the prompt responses. Unfortunately we don’t have SMPT. I will try a work around for now.

@Gavin_Smith just to let you know we’ve made an update that will go live this afternoon, this will ensure that whenever in future a payment confirmation email is sent, it will be logged in the event log. At least then you can know for sure that it has actually been sent.

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