How & Where to Enter Adwords Reverse Charge

Hi! Sorry that I’m asking a question that I know has been asked before. I have looked at the previous answers but my ignorance means that I have to clarify! I am VAT registered and realise that I need to add the reverse charge VAT to my VAT return for Google Adwords invoices. I saw that there is currently no automated way of doing this yet on QF so I think I need to add it as an adjustment on the VAT return. Please could you tell me which boxes I need to put this in. Do I need to add anything to the invoice itself as I could not see anywhere to mark it as reverse charge VAT so it is currently just showing as 0% VAT.
Thanks for your help!

Hi @SarahHind, I believe the below Knowledgebase segment explains just that:

VAT Rates Explained

Section: EC Reverse Charge (latter part of the article)

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Thanks @PeterK! That looks like it explains it perfectly. I’ll give it a go now. Many thanks!

You’re very welcome @SarahHind.

You will find both this forum and the Knowledgebase very useful when working with QuickFile. Many frequently asked questions have already been answered here and Knowledgebase…speaks for itself.

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