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HSBC automatic bank feed


Stupidly I clicked upgrade on my online HSBC account. The automatic bank feed seems to have disappeared. Help! Don’t fix won’t aint broke!


If had not clicked on the “HSBC upgrade” they were rolling it out to all customers last month whether you wanted the upgrade or not.

Miserably the new version is so much slower than the old version, with so many superfluous stuff flashing around on the screen when the main reason to look at a bank account is to check transactions/balances.


Hi @Printbox

What type of feed are you using?


I’ve just been the HSBC bank feed - that you manually have to click to import the transactions. It use to appear at the bottom of the statement when using online banking.


Ok, sounds like the Google Chrome extension?


yes that’s correct. The red box saying ‘import todays transactions’ is no longer there in the HSBC site


Thanks for confirming.

Unfortunately this tool has been discontinued. Going forward, I would advise either downloading a .CSV file and upload it directly into your account, or look at the automated bank feeds. It is now possible to automate HSBC feeds through Open Banking.

Please let me know if you need any help with this.


ah, that’s a shame. I may need a hand sorting the automatic banking.


No problem - don’t hesitate to let us know if you do need help - it’s why we’ere here! :slight_smile:


Think need assistance Mathew - these is what HSBC said…

Quickfile isn’t an accounting software that we support sorry Dave, I am not sure how they have set up the connection but we can not assist in setting this link up sorry, we only support a connection with Sage, Xero and QuickBooks.

Open Banking is a facility that allows you to be able to view accounts from multiple banks on one platform, this is only available for personal customers. It isn’t something that should impact a bank feed.


Unfortunately what HSBC has said is incorrect.

Open Banking is supported for HSBC business current accounts, and it does work with QuickFile. In fact, HSBC has a page on their website showing they support business accounts with Open Banking.

We will firstly need to enable Open Banking on your QuickFile account, but once this is done, you can link your HSBC and QuickFile accounts in a few steps. I’ll send you a private message shortly to help with this part.


Hi Matthew, would you mind helping with mine too please? Exactly the same story! I think I subscribed to Open banking last year but I never got it working and good as the export button so didn’t renew.

Thanks in advance

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