HSBC Bank Feed 2019 /2020

Hi i had Active Bank Feeds for all my HSBC Accounts shown when using Yodlee,
since you you moved away from them i am now only able to see my Main Account.

I have spoken to HSBC as per one of your previous forum replies but they tell me that they cannot link them it is something that you need to do at your end.

This is quite annoying as everything was working fine until you made the change.

My Banking app shows all my accounts as linked, but not Quickfile. The bank have also told me that you are not one that they support from their end. the support Sage, Xero and Quickbooks.

Can you please sort this out or tell me what i have to do?

Hi @stusouthern

Just to clarify initially, whilst HSBC “don’t support” QuickFile, they do support Open Banking, which is what we use. HSBC are aware of this.

However, from experience, the front line support staff aren’t usually aware of this from their end, and unfortunately can give incorrect information.

Can I check with your HSBC accounts, are they all on one login with HSBC, and are they all under the same business? For example, if you log in to your online banking, can you select “My Business Ltd” and all the accounts appear?

The second thing to check is, are they all current accounts? HSBC unfortunately don’t support savings accounts and credit cards through Open Banking but we’re told it’s coming.

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Yes all accounts are on same login and password

1 current account
1 reserve
1 saver
1 loan
1 credit card

They all worked under Yodlee so why don’t they work under new way. Is it different?

Open Banking is different to Yodlee.

Yodlee, in many cases, used to use a method called screenscraping, where it would view your online account and pull the relevant data out for you. This did have the advantage of accessing any account you could access online.

Open Banking is more secure in the sense that there’s no need to share any details - you log in directly with the bank, and they give us a unique code which grants us limited access to your selected (and supported) accounts for up to 90 days.

Where Open Banking is available, screenscraping is no longer permitted under the PSD2 legislation changes which were brought in, in September 2019.

A large number of banks supporting Open Banking do support all types of accounts. Unfortunately, HSBC are one of the ones who only support current accounts. We are continuing to chase a date for this to go live, but nothing has been confirmed as yet.

There’s more on what banks are supported and what type of accounts are supported, here:

All I can suggest at the moment is to let HSBC know that you’re interested in this feature. I’d like to think the more users who express an interest in it, the higher up the priority list it goes.

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