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HSBC bank feed hasn't work since 14 January 2020

Dear Support Team, I have connected three bank accounts with HSBC and paid for the bank feed, it will expire n 34 days. It was working since August last year and suddenly stopped in 14 January 2020. I have disconnected two of my bank accounts hoping that I can connect again and all will be working. HSBC requests “Connect to a personal account” instead of connect to a business account. It asks to login my personal credentials and it rejects them. I go to Banking > Open Banking Feeds> Connect a bank

Please advise what can I do in this situation?
Thank you, Marina Mathews

Hi Marina2020,
It is maybe best to re-install your feed. First disconnect your 3rd bank account as well. Then go to https://“yourcompany”.quickfile.co.uk/openbanking and delete your current feed. After that click the green “Connect a Bank” button and follow the steps. After that go to your bank account in quickfile and connect your account to the feed.
I hope this helps a bit

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Hi @Marina2020

I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with this.

Have you tried refreshing the feed manually to see if any errors are returned?

You can only have 1 link per bank. I believe you can both personal and business linked at the same time with HSBC as they both work differently. So if you’re only seeing the option for personal, it’s likely the business one is still connected.

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