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HSBC bank feed july 2021

Since 15th July 2021, the bank feed from HSBC is not syncing.
In quickfile “banking” all looks OK to me. (I have tried to insert images below)
I think our subscription and permissions are OK
Any suggestions are welcome.
Best regards

Hi @liamgood

Sounds like it hasn’t worked since you renewed the feed. If you revoke the connection and then renew it this should hopefully kickstart the feed into working again. You can then refresh the feed back 21 days when you’ve reconnected it.

If this doesn’t resolve the problem then we can certainly take a look to see if we are getting any errors against it

Thanks Beth
That solved it for our current £ account. Great!
However, we are getting stuck reconnecting to our $USD account within HSBC
After clicking on +Connect a Bank, we do not see a business banking option (see below)
Best regards, Liam

Hi @liamgood

You can only have one link for a business account at a time so when you allowed permissions for the current account you needed to select all of the accounts so your USD account should have been an option to select