HSBC bank feed not working

I have just bought the bank feed option but I can’t appear to connect my HSBC bank account?

I tried to use the direct bank feed but it appears that it only asks for username and security code but HSBC business normally requires username, password, and security code. Something must be wrong?

Hi @larry

Can you let us know what errors you are seeing when you first tried to set the feed up please?

Regarding the direct feed - are you referring to a Yodlee feed or an Open Banking feed? Where do you see the request for username and password?

I haven’t been able to use HSBC bank feed for a few days now. Sometimes it goes straight to the date to upload without prompting for a security code and other times after the security code it finds no transactions despite I know there are some new ones to upload. Any ideas?

Hi @CompeteE

Do you have more than just the current account with HSBC? If that’s your only account, perhaps the Open Banking feed would be a better option?

I have a business account with HSBC. It was working fine but not recently.
When we were with Barclays its uploaded everything automatically but with HSBC it has to be done manually by entering a code every time.

So it’s just the current account? For example, you don’t have any other accounts such as savings accounts on the same login?

No just the one HSBC business current account.

Let me send you a private message and we’ll take a look at this for you. Please look for a green notification in the top right corner.

it sorted itself and I am now able to use the direct bank feed. Thanks.

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