HSBC Bank Feed Panel Not Showing

Hi: Can someone help with this bank feed issue please? I’m trying to set up the HSBC bank feed. I installed the extension, clicked on the blue recycle-style icon and logged on to HSBC account. But after logging in, I don’t see any panel. Isn’t that supposed to happen once you log on to the account?

I also used the following URL to log on (found on another community post here) but it doesn’t work.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

I know its difficult for QuickFile to keep on top of these as they rely on the banks web pages not changing. I’ve noticed this week that HSBC have changed the business side of their web site, SK it may be down to this.

I don’t actually use the HSBC feed, but I suspect HSBC broke it by changing things

The panel only shows on the very first login page, not when you are actually logged into the account. I just went here and it does appear for me:

The idea is you supply all the details to the QuickFile extension on the first page. Once you’re in the account you simulate a normal CSV download and you should see the “Export to QuickFile” button alongside this.