HSBC Bank feed - two different description to the same transaction

Just a heads up for people using the HSBC auto bank feed plugin - which is very useful - that cash and cheque pay ins have two different descriptions depending on if you are looking at a recent transactions list or a statement.
This means that if you have QF upload the transactions from the two different areas they will not be recognised as duplicates!
10/05/2013 CASH IN AT 12345 £350 (recent transactions statement)
10/05/2013 CASH IN AT HSBC BANK PLC £350 (statement from statement list)

will not be recognised as the same transaction. So if you are having bank balancing issues that is where to look. Not sure if there is anything QF can do about it as it’s an issue with the steam driven HSBC website. Hope that helps someone!

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Thanks for sharing this. I have no idea why HSBC use two different descriptions between the recent transactions and the historic statements. Although I have seen a number of formatting differences between these two sources. Unfortunately it’s very difficult for us to intelligently filter these out, we would need to discover and code all the rules, and even then it could occasionally misfire.