HSBC Bank Feed

I’m having trouble setting up my bank feed with HSBC.

I’ve added the plug in, then when I click onto HSBC option and when I go to type in my username, it comes up error on page and the box where you would go to type in your username disappears and becomes a red question mark.

Can you please help me to solve this problem.

Many Thanks


Hi @bettyboo

Up the top in the QuickFile bar, if you click ‘Settings’, you should be able to enter your details there. The plug in will handle the log in process for you.

I hope that helps!


I followed your instructions and I am still having problems with the plug in, it just keeps saying error on page and please enter your username.

Can I have some help please?

You don’t need to enter your username on the actual HSBC form, you can enter it by clicking “Settings”:

then completing the fields here:

I’ve tested this on our own HSBC account and it works fine. I’m nut sure about the disappearing username box, I see this happening but it doesn’t stop the Chrome feed from working and it’s not something our extension is doing.

Hi Glenn,

I enter the details in each of the 7 boxes, then I click save and all that happens is that I get the same login error, am I doing something wrong?

After saving, can you then press the “Login” button? What happens after that?

Thank goodness it has now let me into my account, what do I need to do next?

Go to download any bank statement as you would do normally. Next to the export button you should also see “Export to QuickFile”, this (providing you entered your account number and pairing key correctly) will push the statement directly into your QuickFile account.

Hi @bettyboo

Once you’re in and you’ve entered all the required details, you need to go to the relevant page and click ‘export to QuickFile’.

Take a look at this guide:

Ok, thank you Glenn for your patience and help, I will go throughout the guide.

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