HSBC Browser plugin recent problems

Hi, HSBC have recently updated their website. Using Chrome and the V1.38 QuickFile plugin I have experienced the following problems:

  1. After selecting a specific statement I get directed to the HSBC Home screen after pressing OK on the “Export Complete” dialogue box.
  2. I have 3 HSBC accounts and selecting a statement from a savings account actually export the current account.
  3. Because of problem 2, I attempted to do an export of the data as a file for manual import to QF. However, the button to do this took me to the QuickFile export path.

So I will have to manually enter transactions at the moment or use a browser without QF plugin installed.

Kind Regards

Update: It had also written entries into my current account that were destined for savings accounts. Just spent several hours working out why the balance didn’t match the statement and then unpicking it all.

Hi @hoggm2

I will need to double check with our development team in the morning to see if the plug in has been updated to support the new interface, although I’m not entirely certain if this has been rolled out to all HSBC Business customers, or whether it’s a phased roll out?

If you’re finding that the plug in is interfering with any of the parts of the HSBC website, I would suggest temporarily disabling the plug in so it can be used as intended. Although I don’t think it should interfere with the general export of data itself (usually a separate button “Export to QuickFile” will appear).

When you import the bank statement, you’re able to change the import the bank account you’re importing to; the option open would be the bank account you’re importing to on QuickFile:

I’ll come back to you as soon as I can regarding the updated interface query.

I’ve run this on an account I have access to, as have my colleague (2 different accounts). Both have imported all OK. I will however run through your points in turn:

We also experienced this, and this will be looked at.

I tried this, and couldn’t replicate this. However, the plug in uses the data that’s on the screen itself (or an export of, I believe this depends on the bank). If your current account transactions aren’t showing, the plug in has no visibility of them.

I don’t quite follow here I’m sorry. What do you mean by “QuickFile export path”?