HSBC connection issue


My client has a bank account that is active on Quickfile and expires in 85 days, but the bank feed does not update. The client tells me this has been going on for a while.

Can you please advise?

Many thanks,


Hi @TyreeceW

If you try to manually refresh the feed, do you see any error messages?

Hi @QFMathew

Thank you for getting back to me. When i log in through the accountants log in it says to activate the bank feed. But my client has sent me a screenshot to say the bank is connected and expires in 85 days.


Has the feed definitely been set up completely? There’s two steps to the process of setting up an Open Banking feed, first you authorise the connection to the bank, which grants QuickFile the right to pull transactions from one or more accounts at the bank - it is this authority that has to be renewed every 90 days - then a second step to attach each of the account feeds covered by that authority to a specific bank account in QuickFile.

Thank you, i did say this to my client and he had said it was done. So i have activated it myself and it has resolved the issue. Thank you.

The same client wants to set up and automatic bank feed for the credit card, but when he goes to connect HSBC it says connect a personal bank account. Is it possible to set up automatic bank feeds for HSBC credit card?

Thank you

Hi @TyreeceW

This would normally be done at the same time the current account is authorised.

However, with HSBC, they are one of the few that they don’t support credit cards or savings accounts. So unfortunately, it’s not possible to link these types of accounts at the moment.