HSBC file format change (Manual)

Just a heads up that the MS Money QIF format files from HSBC seem to have changed. I downloaded some card statements and uploaded to QF - all the debits came out as credits and vice versa - thank goodness for the bulk undo tool!
Tried again downloading the same files in CSV formal and it worked fine.

Hi @Paul

Thanks for letting us know. I’m sure other users will likely come up against this issue too.

i am seeing this with HSBC this morning, have tried import a couple of times and still fails

I have had the same problem with downloading a credit card statement from Santander, also with HSBC.

still got this issue, is it being looked into?
same problem today

Hi @jpitsolutions

Yes, I’ve logged this with our development team, and will update you as soon as I have any updates.

any update please? causing problems now, has been over 5 days now

Hi @jpitsolutions

We’re doing some tests on a fix this morning. Let me check with our team and see if we can get this live for you.

Have you tried importing a file this morning?

yes, still importing as credits and not debits

@Paul @alan_mcbrien

This should now be resolved. Can you please give it another go, and let us know if you experience any further issues?

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