HSBC France

I have noticed my bank feed has not been downloaded with yodlee. Please can you confirm if the new Banking Feed supports HSBC France.

The Open Banking feed may work, it depends whether you are able to log in to your account through a browser path.

You can always try and set up the Open Banking feed before disconnecting from Yodlee, by going to Banking > Open Banking Feeds and then choosing the option to set up a new feed with HSBC.

Hi Beth, I cannot access through Open Banking Feed and the Yodlee has stopped working. Unfortunately as the main window said this bank is now supported in Open banking I deleted the Yodlee Account. I have tried to add again through Yodlee but now HSBC France is not listed. Have they stopped supporting HSBC in France?

Hi @gbhec

As the PSD2 rules extend to all banks across Europe, HSBC are not able to allow access to third party providers like Yodlee without Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). This means that there would need to be a direct Open Banking Feed with HSBC in France.

Regretably we’re not in a position right now to develop a direct feed with HSBC France as the user numbers are very low (I believe < 3 active users). We continue to reasses the demand for feeds and priortise depending on user numbers, we may in future be able to support HSBC France again although as a UK platform, servicing UK based businesses it may not be something that happens in the short to mid term.

You can still upload your transactions manually from a CSV, QIF or OFX file.

We will send you a private message to get some information on your account so we can fully assess the situation.

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