HSBC won't renew bank feed

I have an HSBC current account feed that needs a re-consent . It expires in a couple of days.
when I click the link to renew and get transferred to HSBC I then enter my password and security code. It takes me to a page that says " We’re currently unable to display this information. Please try later." and the only option is Cancel and Exit HSBC. Please help.

Is the “we’re currently unable…” page from QuickFile or HSBC (check the url in the address bar)?

Hi @Penultimate,

It sounds like it might be an error on HSBC’s side of things, if you’d like to post a screenshot (making sure to remove any sensitive information) then we can see when/where the error occurs

Here is the second screenshot

First screenshot.
happens after quickfile takes me to HSBC

and after I put in my HSBC password and security code

Hi @Penultimate

This looks like an issue on HSBC’s side of things unfortunately, which we have no control over. It may be worth calling the bank directly to see if they’re aware of any issues.

When you get unexplained errors like this it’s also worth trying the whole process from scratch in an “incognito” or “private browsing” window, as sometimes things like ad blockers or browser extensions can interfere with the process and incognito mode disables all your extensions.

I tried in incognito, also using IE and tried on my ipad using safari. Same issue each time.

Hi @Penultimate

Just following up on this to see if you needed any further help?