HSBC Yodlee bank feed not working

I have tried to connect my client’s bank feed but it comes up with an error message.
I have tried to reconnect with no luck.
Any ideas ???


I know there are some issues with HSBC at the moment with the Open Banking Feed but I am not aware of any issues with the Yodlee feed.

Are you getting a specific error when you try to connect? are you able to take a screenshot of this error for us?


Hi @DinahJones,

Have you managed to connect your clients bank feed now or are you still having problems? If so, please could you give us some more information on the error you may be seeing?

Thanks :slight_smile:

No we have not been able to connect and we now have another client with the same problem quoting error 403
Is it possible to talk???

Hi @DinahJones

Is the error 403 also with HSBC?

Is it just a current account they’re using through Yodlee? Perhaps using Open Banking could be an option?

Hi @DinahJones

I just wanted to check in and see if you’ve managed to resolve this?

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