HTML Snippets - Update?


I was just looking through the advanced customisation options and found that there’s the HTML Snippets feature that was being developed to enable “blobs” of HTML to be injected at various points (such as the client control pages).

There’s no documentation or comments about it - is it still in development?


It was initially slated as an experimental feature. It’s not something we’ve moved forward with since we rolled out the advanced customisations tools. Was there are particular use for this you had in mind?

Hey @Glenn,

Yeah well I was interested in the suggestion of dropping HTML into the client control pages… particularly if something could be dropped in below an invoice to advise of payment options etc including the non-online payment options.

I usually embed offline payment options into the actual invoice, e.g. bank details, cheque instructions etc.

We could however look at utilising snippets, the interface is half done anyway. We’ve just not seen huge demand as yet, but I think it’s worth having a few you can pull into the client control panel.

Yeah I currently have the bank details etc on the invoice, but it doesn’t pdf/print well, especially if its a longer invoice that ends up crossing pages.

I’m currently forcing everyone to go online to get their invoices, so thought it might look better if it wasn’t on the bottom of the invoice itself, but below it.

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I’d use this, as would a business associate whom I introduced to QF