I cannot see old transactions anymore

I accidentally deleted some bank transactions, and now my accounts don’t reconcile. However, I cannot see where the problem is as I cannot view any transactions before March 2019 (4 pages) in the Accounts - Statement view. If I ask it to show just untagged transactions, it shows transactions prior to this date, so they are there - I just cannot see them.

How do I get to see older transactions?

Hi @JustEE,

To see transactions older than 2 years you’ll just need to amend the search criteria at the top of the bank screen, as standard the transactions are only shown for the most recent 2 years.

Hope this helps

Thanks. This is far from obvious, especially as the limit is not actually shown. It would be better if the limit was customisable and/or was indicated in the search criteria.


Hi @JustEE,

Thank you for your feedback, I will pass it on to the Dev team to whether they can add a note to make it clearer

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