I failed to save a VAT report for the previous period

Good evening, I’ve made a rookie error - I ran a VAT report back on 14/8 and used the figures produced to make a manual submission on the HMRC site - unfortunately it appears that I have somehow failed to save the return in QF - not sure whether my browser crashed the save failed or I simply forgot to click the right button - and to make matters far worse I have a number of backdated entries which I’ve since created, so if I try to run the report now (for the period 1/5 - 31/7) I get completely different figures. Is there some way that I (Read: you guys at QF!) can create a report as at that date? (I can provide the figures, obviously.). OR should I save the report now with incorrectly and then save the next report but manually change the submission to HMRC to counteract the difference? The latter seems very wrong but at my end I can’t see another way to do it which doesn’t involve a huge amount of work. Thanks.

If you know exactly which backdated entries you added since the submission then you may be able to mark those as deleted, then re-run the vat return in QuickFile, then restore them (I don’t work for QuickFile so this is just a guess rather than knowledge).

Alternatively, run a vat return now in QuickFile for the relevant period but use the little drop down arrows to adjust the boxes to match what you actually submitted. Then when you do the next return apply the same manual adjustments in reverse. And it goes without saying - keep detailed records of whatever you did so you can justify it if you get inspected in future.

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Hi Ian, thanks for your reply. I could probably work out exactly which entries have been added, but unfortunately there will be loads of them (Mostly from a single supplier who collect payment for certain products on my behalf, not making the correct information available for me, meaning that I’ve backdated several months worth of purchases and sales.). Adjusting the VAT figures on the return manually seems better than my idea, thank you for suggesting it. Hopefully there is a better way, but if not I’ll go with that.

Unfortunately if you’ve backdated entries, then they will be picked up if they fall before or during the next VAT return period. What @ian_roberts has suggested with the adjustments is likely to be the best way to resolve this in this instance - adjust down on this return, and adjust up on your next one.

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