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I have recorded a customer payment by mistake

I have a recorded a customer payment by mistake. How do I ‘undo’ this?

If you have paid an invoice or simply credited the customer with a pre-payment then it is trivial. From the Sales menu select “View Payments” then simply delete it. QF will automatically correct all the ledgers and put the invoice, if applicable, back to its previous state.

I am assuming that you haven’t credited the customer with a pre-payment and then used that to pay off invoices.

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Many thanks for your reply.

What I have actually done is that a customer paid me and I went to mark the invoice manually as paid and instead picked the next invoice number (by mistake) - for a different customer - and marked that one paid instead. So what I want to do is reverse (or undo) the incorrect payment.

Delete the payment, which will back out everything and then enter it again against the correct invoice.

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