I input wages and they show on my accounts as both a debit and a credit. Why is this?

Hi. i have a problem in paypal when i am refunding customers i dont know what to class it as. it is taking the refund from the turnover figure. how do i do this? also it doesn’t seem to do automatic bulk tagging in paypal? is it possible to delete the paypal data from my account (without doing a page at a time) so i can manually put in a sales figure for the month?



When tagging a refund, you have 2 options:

Option 1 - Refund The Customer Directly:

when tagging, select ‘Refund to a customer’ then enter the customer’s name you want to refund:

Option 2 - Tag Directly to the Sales Nominal Ledger:

Alternatively, if you’re not VAT registered, you can tag the refund directly to the sales nominal ledger, by selecting ‘Something else not on this list’ when tagging and enter ‘General Sales’ as the post to account:

You can use the ‘Bulk Tagging’ feature directly from PayPal Account:

Although, i’m not sure if you’re using the PayPal automated feed or not, this provides you with a a few options on how you handle your PayPal sales i.e. you can lump them all under one client in Quick File (for simplicity) or you can have Quick File automatically create and allocate to clients based on the senders registered PayPal email.

I’m afraid you will need to that manually page by page, you can also use the wipe procedure to clear all the data from your account and start again, if all transactions relate to PayPal and you do not require any of the other information, you do have the option of retaining certain information.


This is a very similar question but the resolution given doesn’t resolve my query unfortunately.

A customer paid an invoice of £20.00, but Paypal decided to add a further £4.00 VAT on top, which resulted in an overpayment. I thought I would send the excess back to the customer, resulting in the correct balance being paid.

However, I can’t see how I can allocate the refund to the customer on my Quickfile account. I can allocate the £24 paid (leaving a £4 credit as expected), but I am unable to tell Quickfile that I have sent the £4 back to them. When I state issue a refund to the customer, QF automatically issues a refund, so making the account balance different again!

Do you have any ideas how I can correct this? It is probably something very obvious but I have been trying to find out myself but can’t get anywhere :frowning:

Any help would be extremely appreciated.

Many thanks.

Best Regards

Tom Horton


Can anyone help with this at all? I really need to clear down the “credit balance” on the client’s account. The refund has been made, but as I haven’t invoiced incorrectly, your system isn’t allowing me to allocate the refund correctly.

Many thanks,

Tom Horton