I need to cancel a duplicated invoice?

Im trying to make a few corrections whereby I have duplicated a couple of invoices is there an easy way to delete invoices or create dummy credit notes ?

Its Ok ive found out how to do it … list all purchase invoices and hit the X against the said invoice…I was trying to do it from the actual invoice screen …Sometimes things are easier than they seem !!!

Hi @Jane_Wakeling, you can delete invoices in the Invoice/Purchase Management view, just click on the red x there:

There you go @Jane_Wakeling, indeed some things are easier than they seem.

Try out as many options as you can, play around, you can always roll the data back. You will also find

our Knowledgebase and this Community Forum very useful when exploring QuickFile.

If a client has already seen the duplicated invoice then it is better to raise a credit note rather than just make it vanish which I think looks just a little dodgy. For test entries you need to delete any payments or credit notes that you have raised before zapping the invoice.

its Ok ive duplicated the invoices when I added last years balances ,