Icon for uploaded receipts have disappeared - Fixed

I have always uploaded receipts for purchases using the Receipt hub feature which while useful, can be a bit time consuming.

I am currently in the process of doing end of year accounts and noticed that on purchase invoices logged within Quickfile, there is a feature within each purchase to upload a document which is then associated to the purchase.

I uploaded receipts for half a dozen purchases to see if it would save a bit of time but on returning to the Purchase Management overview screen, the small receipt icons which indicated an uploaded and tagged receipt and which was shown in the “Status (options)” column have all disappeared. The Purchase Management overview screen was very useful as scrolling down used to show which purchases already had tagged receipts associated to them and which did not. However, these receipt icons have now disappeared?!

Any suggestions? I have gone back and deleted the uploaded documents, then re-imported them all using the Receipt Hub format as used previously but am still missing all the overview icons that were so useful before. Interestingly (and frustratingly), when entering the actual record for each purchase, all uploaded and tagged receipts are still shown as an associated document however there is no icon shown in the overview management screen.

This is not intentional, we recently made a very minor change to this icon. I can see why it’s disappeared as well. Give us about 10 mins and we will bring this back.

Should be all fine now!

Awesome, back again and thank you very much… thought I had really messed something up there!! I did log out and restart the old PC just to make sure, but I see the icons are back now.

Thanks Glenn… really appreciated

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