I'd like advice on how to file incoming invoices rather than receipts

Would I file an incoming invoice which is already paid out in the same way I would a receipt for a card payment?

Any help here would be really appreciated.


You would either tag it from the bank which would create the invoice and link it to the payment or you would manually enter the purchase invoice and complete the inline payment section.

Either way there should always be a backing invoice.

Thanks Glenn,

I’m struggling to find the right option to select when creating the payment invoice.

I’m transferring to a partner business who I made a sale for on their behalf. It’s not a commission as the money I am paying them is used to pay genuine costs. Would it therefore be just a General Purchase?

Also I take it from your answer, theres no where on the system to store the invoice which they already sent me?

A purchase invoice under logged as a “General Purchase” should be fine, but just double check with your accountant.

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