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IIt looks like it's taking a little longer than expected to lock down all your items. VAT return not submitting

Hello guys

Do anyone know how long does this takes to get sent? I have sent my previous return with succes and everytime i try to send this one , ( which contains more itmes ) it gives me this message …

Thank you for your answers

It looks like it’s taking a little longer than expected to lock down all your items. Once you’re VAT return has been submitted we’ll send you an email to confirm.

Hi @Jozsef_Sarkozi,

It usually resolves within 24 hours max. If you are still having problems please let us know and we can take a look into your account for any errors


so far its been more then 48 hours

thank you

Andras Tokoli

I am having the exact same problem, its been over 48 hours now

@Jozsef_Sarkozi - We’ll send you a private message now to get some account details from you.

@mARK4 - I believe @QFBeth is assisting you with this, so I’ll let her come back to you directly on this one.

I have been using Affinity dashboard for a while now and have done a few VAT returns for my company with no problem at all, over the last 2 days I have not been able to get a VAT return to go through, I keep getting a message about a duplicate return, when I check with HMRC they have not received anything and when I check on the affinity it tells me nothing has been uploaded to HMRC, is there a problem with the system at the moment?

Hi @mARK4

There were some issues with HMRC and MTD that have since been resolved - this may have caused a return to be ‘saved’ when you tried to submit.

If you go to Reports >> VAT Returns you will see if there is a saved return there. You will need to roll this back to then be able to submit


I have done that a few times now and it keeps telling me it is taking longer then normal to upload and find parts, then it sends an email saying about the duplicate

I have just tried a roll back and retry and its done exactly the same thing.
Anything else I can try?

Hi @mARK4 I have merged your post with @Jozsef_Sarkozi as you appear to be experiencing similar issues

Thats great thank you

I am experiencing the same problems. At first I received a message it was taking along time to lock down items and now I get a message saying I cannot submit a duplicate return. I have checked on HMRC website and no VAT return has been received for this period. I rolled back several times to try to resubmit.

Hi @KnutsfordSafety @mARK4 @Jozsef_Sarkozi

It looks like HMRC were experiencing problems. They should have received the return but their systems aren’t updating. It would be worth getting in touch with HMRC directly to check whether or not they have actually received the return. You can then ask them to update the period showing as open

I will get on that tomorrow, thank you for your help

Hi @QFBeth I have just checked and so far its not there, I will check again tomorrow and let you know

Hi @mARK4

You will probably have to ring customer services so that they can check on their system

Hi @QFBeth I have just spoken to HMRC and they have said that they are still having issues with their system, the advisor said try again on Monday as they don’t actually know when it will be resolved, they can’t even check to see if its gone through.

Thanks for your help and I will let you know on Monday if its sorted

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