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I'm just starting!

I have taken over a pencil and paper accounts ledger and I want to start using Quickfile.
I’d like to start from 1.11.19 to enter the invoices and bills, but I can only see that I can go back 6 months.
Also, I tagged a payment on the bank statement and the payment then appeared twice with green buttons!

Help please

You can go back further than that. Where are you seeing this 6 month limitation?

The tagging sounds like you haven’t tagged anything and have just created a new transaction.

There is loads of info in the knowledgebase for getting started. Should clear up quite a few of your queries.

Its when I try to allocate the payment to the invoice - ‘attempting to match existing unpaid invoices on your account’ then a box appears saying search range - i selected 6 months as that’s as far as it goes. Just tried it again by accepting this and the invoice was dated 26.9.19 and it found it!

I’ll have another look at tagging payments to suppliers - it’s stil showing 2 payments, so not sure what i did wrong.

Thank you for your reply

Hi @AliH

The search range is +/- from the date of the payment. So for an invoice dated 26/09/2019, I would imagine the payment date would be between 26/09/2019 and 26/03/2020.

You can assign payments to invoices more than 6 months old but you have to use the “pay down multiple invoices” option and enter the client name. This should then let you select any unpaid invoices for that client however old they are.

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Thank you - all sorted!

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