I'm trying to uplaod a csv file but keep getting the below error

I keep failing the upload .csv file with the following error
Paid bank account nominal code is missing
What does that mean ??
Tried the help file but its not any help it states that it would auto complete if missing

What’s the format of your CSV file at the moment? Not looking for data, more of the columns that exist. I’m assuming this would be for a invoices? If that’s the case, the columns should match what’s shown on http://help.quickfile.co.uk/main/1/importing_sales_and_purchase_invoices.htm

You should also state the bank account it’s being paid into. If you go to your chart of accounts, under Assets and Liabilities, you will see all your QuickFile bank accounts, and a nominal code. My main bank account is down as 1200, which I’m assuming, so would yours.

Double check your columns and data, let us know how you get on. Hope this helps!

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If you want these invoices to be imported as “paid” then Quick File needs to know the bank account the funds were paid into (or out of if they’re supplier invoices). 1200 is the default current account, if it’s any other bank account go into the bank management area click on the settings icon for the account and it will show you the bank nominal code, it will be in the range of 1200 to 1299.