Impersonate Client


I cannot see the impersonate client tab. Have you removed it?


Hi @Filan

We haven’t moved this. You can find it on the client view page, at the top:

To view a client, you can go to Sales >> View clients >> Select the client you wish to impersonate

Hope that helps

Check that you have at least one contact for the client record, otherwise the “Impersonate” button will be hidden.

I can’t see that Impersonate Client tab on my quickfile, has this changed?
My client has told be that when I email a statement to them, they get a link to follow which takes them to the login screen, so they can’t see statements. What am I doing wrong?

Is “enforce client login” checked?

No, I have checked that. They do get directed to the log in page

There are 2 options to enforce client login:

  • Client level (on a client-by-client basis)
  • Account level (affecting all clients on your account).

If both of these are disabled, the links in the email will work unless you’ve revoked them by changing the client’s email address and specifically ticking the “invalidate previous links” option.

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