Import all Revolut for Business expense detail

In my Revolut for Business account there is a lot of info about the purchase including name of company, location, category of business, currency, price, fees etc, plus the ability to enter expense detail for each purchase. Detail includes a category (analysis) Tax info, ie VAT, a description and a pic of the receipt… This is all the info needed for tagging. Might it be possible to link this data so that tagging is done, or becomes a verification?

Hi @Rory

Thanks for the suggestion!

Open Banking only provides details of the transaction, such as date, time, merchant (usually just a name as it appears on your statement), description, amount, and in some cases, an account balance.

Other detail such as category, location etc., aren’t covered by Open Banking. I’m not sure if Revolut releases this information through a custom API, so I will leave this as a feature request for now.