Import expenses from .CSV - but ending up with wrong sign

I have just uploaded a large number of expenses via the CSV import utility into the “Directors Loan Account”. The numbers show up in the money out column, correct, but they have the wrong “direction”. For each imported item, a payment is instead record from the expense. i.e. For a coffee at EAT the entry shows up as a payment from EAT instead of a payment from the Directors expense account to EAT. Is there an easy fix to this problem, or do I have to manually delete and re-enter each on of them? There is nearly 200 entries… and they are mixed up with entries from the other credit cards which were entered manually.

Thankful for any advise!

Unfortunately yes you would need to delete the original entries and re-upload them. 200 entries shouldn’t take long to delete as you can go through and remove 50 at a time, page by page.

All good. Very simple to bulk delete as you said. Re-did and all fine. Phew.

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