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I have seen this question before but not really seen a definitive answer.

I’m importing a CSV file. I keep going around in circles getting the message “paid nominal account not valid”

I have looked at the data and I’m definitely using the correct account. (I think it’s 1201 but I’m not at my PC at moment - but I checked and it’s correct)

I have looked at the data in raw to check there are any silly spaces but it all looks perfect - bit sure what else to do.

Best to have a look at the CSV…Let me send you a PM.

Hi Glen - that would be great. What do you need from me?

I’ve sent you a private message. If you go into your profile area on this forum you should see it. It will also appear as a green notification in the top.

Hi Glen

Just a quick one.

Are you aware if there is a bug in the bulk tagging side of things?
I have just entered a load of payroll data into the bank account and then used bulk tagging.

In account 2220 net wages I can see the payments but many don’t have a corresponding movement to P&l so the account looks out of balance and only half the amount that I expect shows up on the P&L report

It’s confused me slightly. Im sorry to take up your time but I’m new to the system and I seem to be going around in cirlces with this one :frowning:

When you bulk tagged those items which option did you use in the tagging dialogue box?

Hi Glen

Do you ever get a moments peace :smile:

I chose salary

Can’t think that I did anything wrong - but my P&L salary amount is out by about £12,000 -but i can see all of the payments if i use advanced search within the bank account i.e i key in salary and all items appear correct and they’re all tagged to ‘net wages’


Hi Glen

I’m not sure if you are able to look at my data?

The accounts for net salary 7003 and net wages 2220 seem total unbalanced? I can;t figure how this happened but all I assume that I did was a load of banking/bulk tagging.

If it helps i’d be happy to sen my password.

For now I’ve referred this to an engineer. What I suspect is that when bulk tagging it doesn’t make the secondary journal to the P&L, only on the single item tag will it do this.

I’ll let you know what the engineer comes back with.

Hi Glen


If its possible after this has been looked into are you able to remove the unbalanced postings as I’m certain my accounts are unbalanced. It would be easier if we could remove all salary/net wages postings. I’m not live on my system yet - but don’t want to remove everything as I have keys in a lot of data.


I can now confirm that the bulk tag does not handle the additional P&L movement. We will add those movements manually on your accounts (give it about 2-3 hrs).

We’ll also look at adding the auto P&L movement to the bulk tagging routine. It was added on the single tag but not for bulk tagging so we want to bring it in line.

HI Glenn

That’s great thanks - thought I was going mad for a while :smile:

I will check back in later this afternoon.

And thank you for your prompt attention - i really appreciate it.


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