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Hi all, I have all my accounts set up to use QF, however, some work I am doing at the moment requires me to create invoices on another system, namely an accounting system integral to Transport Exchange. I can export these invoices when created, but can I then import them into QF somehow? It is going to get very consuming having to double up on creating invoices. My QF account is currently only basic but I don’t mind subscribing if it’s an advanced feature? What I am looking for is similar to the receipt hub, but for invoices. Thanks


If the master invoices are in another system do you have to import them all individually into QuckFile it could you just log them once a week or whatever in bulk like you would with retail or ecommerce sales?


Hi, Yes I could but the system I use a collection of multiple suppliers of work, so it’s not just one supplier with which I can note down invoices easily. I am currently having to do invoices on both systems, just irritating!


Hi @Anthony_Dowling1

What @ian_roberts suggests would be the correct way to handle this. For example, on a weekly basis create a sales invoice to a generic client called something like Weekly Income or even the name of the other package, and bulk record them as one invoice.

The key thing is, if HMRC ever queried “can you provide evidence of it”, then you should be able to answer “yes”. Record any invoice references or system references on QuickFile which could identify the entries on the other package to make it easily traceable.

If you did really want to double up on everything, perhaps Zapier or even a custom solution with our API could help?


Many thanks for the ideas. Just worried that doing it as a generic weekly invoice is going to mess up my VAT record keeping!


I run a retail shop, I get a Z reading out of the till at the end if each day that tells me the total net and total VAT for the day and I enter into QuickFile one “sales invoice” with those numbers. This gets the VAT right for the return submitted through QuickFile and if I’m ever queried by HMRC I can show then the trail back from there to the individual sales records on the epos.


Hi Ian,

Thanks, will give it a try!


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