Import previous days on PayPal feed

Please add a feature to Scan all PayPal feed not just one day, because it would automatically convert the currency to a Quickfile Paypal Merchant account for example from Usd to GBP, i have an issue now but seems I can’t resolve it, whenever I upload CSV, all types of formats… It marks all my sales and payments as USD, it doesn’t convert them to GBP.

But all my cached feed from PayPal is automatically converted to GBP, and its the same Quickfile account im trying to import CSV of old transfers dated last year. And now seems I cannot find a solution to this.

If the transactions are usd then I think they should be input as usd on your account

Hi @Josip_Skoko

I’ve renamed the title of this thread to make it easier for other users to find it.

As @Spike mentioned, recording these transactions as USD would be the correct way to do this. You would set up a PayPal merchant account and set USD as the currency. When you tag the transfers, the exchange rate is calculated and recorded then.

Regarding your actual request however, I think there may be a restriction preventing us doing this.

If you’re just starting with QuickFile, it’s probably best to enter opening balances. What did you use prior to QuickFile?

so for exmpl i made withdraws from my paypal acc to bank acc in gbp how should i setup that?

To open 2 accounts?