Importing a Trial Balance

I am trying to import a trial balance. I have my exported CSV file from our previous software but every time I try to import it I get the following message “Sorry No values have been mapped (If your CSV file has £ symbols prefixed to the balances, please removed these and try again)” What on earth are we doing wrong? I can not get the files to import - PLEASE HELP!?

If you have not gone through this link already then it should be of help

We’ll pull out the TB and take a look for you, see what’s going wrong. Will report back when we have a clearer picture.

There is no nominal code column on the trial balance you are trying to import. Where did you obtain this TB from?

You may be better off just manually journalling in the TB using the method described here (See method 2). There are approx 30 lines on your TB so shouldn’t take too long.

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