Importing additional PayPal info

Currently the PayPal feed imports data showing customer name and PayPal ref e.g. Richard Smith (8CA04738AU411111V) etc.

When I’m tagging I need to see where that sale originated from - I use Woocommerce and have a number of websites - each has it’s own invoice prefix which shows me where the sale was from. When I import sales from Square, it imports this number so automated tagging is simple.

I can’t see a way to get this info, which means a manual check on every order. Is there any way to obtain further detail from PayPal in the feed ?(The invoice ID is shown on the PayPal transaction page, so the data is there it just needs to be pulled)

Hi @Greenvill

The information which we’re supplied through the feed itself is quite limited. What you see is pretty much what we’re given. There’s more information on the below thread, which is also where we’ll post any updates on this should this change: Adding Description to PayPal sales

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