Importing American Date Format Problem

I’ve been using a stock US inventory app called Sorttly.
Although I think its over priced, it allows me to move photos of stock into various folders.
I’ve been trying to import my sales spreadsheet folder from sortly to quickfile.
Spent far too long trying to convert US date format into UK.
I’ve tried it in apple numbers, excel and it’s just not changing.
Very happy with quickfile but have spoken to quickbooks who said they have a facility to change to the date format when importing.
Does anyone have a solution?
I don’t really want the cost and hassle of moving accounting packages.

Hi @Joejacksonfineart

What format is the export in? I’m guessing from your post, you have access to a copy of Excel at the moment?

Hi I’ve exported in CSV file and then converted to excel.
I downloaded excel yesterday on my Mac.

Ok, no problem. I’ve outlined a few steps below for Excel, however, I’m using Windows so it may differ a little bit.

  1. Open the CSV file

  2. Highlight the date column:

  3. Then I go to Data >> Text to Columns

  4. Follow the steps. In my case, the default settings are correct as far as step 3. At this step, I select Date and MDY

  5. Finish that process.

  6. With the date column still highlighted, change the format to D/M/Y. I can do this by right clicking the cells > Format Cells, and changing the format there. You may need to change “Locale” to “English (UK)”:

  7. Finished result is the dates in the UK format:

Hope that helps - but any problems, please let me know.

Thanks. I’ll give it a go.

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When I get to step 4 the window does not correlate to yours.
When I open it in a CVS file it opens in numbers.
I can revert it to excel but is it still a CVS file?

The file extension would need to be .csv. Excel can open them (as can other services like Google Sheets for example).

Even it does open in Excel (or similar), you should have an option to save it as a .csv file.

Im not having any luck.
Is it possible to email you the file and maybe you can see why its not happening.
Can’t seem to save it as a CVS file while being in excel?

Absolutely. I’ll send you a private message now :slight_smile:

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