Importing bank statement

Is anyone else having a problem uploading bank statement from Lloyds Bank I have been using the same format for 3 years now it says.
We are currently unable to support Lloyds CSV files, please import a QIF file instead.
Lloyds are issuing two different CSV formats now and we are unable to support both.

Can you help what do I do?

Hi @pennsdental, we’ve restricted import of the CSV bank statements from Lloyds due to changes Lloyds
introduced to their CSV exports. The aforementioned changes to the file format create an unexpected behavior
when the file is uploaded to QuickFile.

Going forward, as per QuickFile’s information you quote here, please import your bank statements in QIF format.

Hi I have tried to import statements by selecting QIF format but it still won’t upload

Have you selected required file type when exporting from Lloyds?

I’ve just successfully exported my (.QIF) bank statement from Lloyds and imported it to my QuickFile account without any problems.

I have just tried this myself and can confirm that it is working fine for me.
Just my input, I know it’s not helping the fact it wont work for pennsdental, however.

Thanks @wmcctv, feedback like yours is important for us as it helps to identify potential issues.