Importing Co-operative bank CSV file statements

I have tried on several attempts to import my converted CSV excel file into quick file. The first time round i tried uploading the file selecting the Co-operative bank, i had a message come up with the thumbs down saying ‘please ensure each data field is mapped to a unique column’ i try ticking the box for 2 columns but i still get no preview. So i tried the exact same procedure but this time selecting ‘Other’ instead of the Co-op it loads again this time i get no message come up and still no preview.

I was struggling to convert the text file to csv but have now downloaded some software that automatically converts it into csv excel format, it all seems ok.

I am really struggling with the whole converting ect and just seem to keep facing problems. I previously banked with Barclays so found it fab on here.

Help please, thanks


Do Co-op not allow you to download a CSV file directly from their online banking? I know quite a few QF users bank with Co-op and I haven’t heard of this issue before.

Generally any sort of modification of the file may cause some strange behavior when bringing it into Quick File.

Hi Glenn,

No i don’t think they do, when on the online banking i only have the option to save and it automatically saves it into a text file. Ill double check i wonder if i put a message out to the other Co-op users, maybe someone may know where im going wrong ;-(



I will send you a private message, would be good if I could see the text file. It may actually by a CSV file but your computer is opening in Notepad? CSV files are text files anyway, they just contain a comma separated list of values.

I use the Co op business banking and you are able to export it to CSV file and save that file to your own laptop etc and then upload the file to the banking system , it works well for me

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