Importing Invoices with Vat

It asks to allocate vat rate to invoices, I presume you use 20% and 5% but what do you use for Exempt, Zero and Outside?

Hello @jm23bg

I’m afraid exempt or OOS invoices aren’t supported by the import tool at this time, but we can consider adding this in.

Where is the original data coming from?

Importing from csv file.

Where does the CSV file come from? Is it an export from another software package for example?

That is correct “Total”

I’m not familiar with Total, but what I was going to suggest is perhaps looking at linking the platforms through our API. Even with little coding knowledge, platforms like Zapier (which we can connect with), allow data to flow fairly easy to your QuickFile account.

I did take a look at Zapier for you, but they don’t seem to list Total as a package they support. If you did have experience with code, you’re more than welcome to take a look at yourself - this would speed up your process too. But our API also supports an “ecVatExempt” value which would have helped in this situation.

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