Importing list of sale goods into QuickFile from Excel

Hello. I am very new to quickfile. I am going to use this instead of quickbooks as it seems better for our business.
One thing I must do is import from an excel (CSV) file, all our goods that we want to sell so that I can use them for estimates and invoices. There are about 500 items. Obviously I don’t want to imput each and every one again. Is there an easy way to do this, bearing in mind I am a complete novice. Is there a way of bringing our inventory over from quickbooks as an alternative? I would appreciate an easy to understand method if possible.

Hi @Tina_Abbott

Do you have a .csv or excel document with all your items in?

Yes I have an excel document

That’s great news! You need to set the document out in the following format:
Item Name, Description, Unit Cost, Qty and VAT Rate (if applicable)

So for example, you could have:

You also need to save the file as a .csv by going to File > Save As, and selecting ‘Comma Delimited (*.csv)’ from the file type list.

You can then import this through the import wizard (Account Settings > Import Data > Import Inventory Items/Tasks).

However, it’s worth noting that this is only a basic inventory list and it is capped (I’ll double check the maximum limit and confirm shortly). It’s not intended as a full blown stock system, but merely a way to speed up invoice creation.

I hope that helps!

I’ll sit down tomorrow and change the headings but that will be easy. I know how to create a csv file, so that’s OK and as for the maximum number, there’s no way I will hit that, I read somewhere else it was 1000. If I have any problems I’ll come back to you, but thank you for making this easy enough for a non-technical person.

Tina :joy:

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No problem at all! If you need further help, we’re here to help :slight_smile:

Hi again. I am struggling a bit. I have saved the file as a .csv file. I have copied your example with the exception of the VAT rate which is not applicable. I have saved the columns as ‘number files’ - no headings until I get to the import stage. But all I get is this message when I go to upload

There was an error processing your file:
_ Error reading qty at line1. Please make sure it’s a number field._
_ 0 inventory items have been inserted._

I have tried all combinations number fields to no avail.

There are 109 inventory items so I don’t think it will be above the maximum, so I don’t think it’s that. It’s probably something very simple, but I’m not seeing it. :confused:

Hi @Tina_Abbott

Do you want to send me a copy of the file and I’ll take a quick look for you? Click my name, and click ‘Message’ if you wish to send it privately

hey - I’m getting the same issue as above -could you PM me so i can send you my excel to take a look at?