Importing multi lined invoices and purchase orders

Kashflow list each line of an invoice or purchase separately, therefore, when I import it assumes they are different invoices and then I get a error message for invoice duplication as each line has the same invoice number. Does anyone else have this problem and if so did you overcome it?

I ask, as the alternative is to enter everything manually?

How many invoices are you importing?

Rather than importing 100/1000s of invoices it’s much easier to just run a trial balance from Kashflow then import that trial balance into Quick File. We have a tool in account settings >> import trial balance to do just that.

Hi Glen

Excuse my ignorance here, does that bring in the invoices/purchases or just the totals? I will export one and check it out. I was assuming it’s the unpaid ones that would need manual entry?

Yes it’s advisable to just import the unpaid invoices rather than all your historic invoices. When you import a trial balance it won’t create any invoices but it will set the opening balance for all your bank accounts, sales, and expenses… basically what you see when you look at the Chart of Accounts (under reports).

When changing systems there’s always a few manual adjustments that need to be made. Usually you can get away with importing the trial balance, entering any unpaid invoices and manually adjusting with a few journals.

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