Importing Nationwide BS Statements

I found a small deficiency in the Nationwide spreadsheet format. The description and reference details for the each transaction are in separate columns - and only the ‘reference’ information is imported into Quickfile.

Hopefully, longer term, Quickfile will concatenate the description and reference fields into one column which will make tagging easier. In the meantime,

  • upload the spreadsheet from nationwide into Excel
  • then insert a new column before column A
  • insert a formula into a = C5&’ - '&D5 assuming that columns C and D
    contain the description and references
  • paste the formula down for all of the rows of the download
  • copy the column of values that you have just created and then ‘past
    as values’ into the reference column
  • Finally, delete the column you created before A
    The spreadsheet then imports into Quickfile showing both the reference and description fields - much easier for tagging.

If anyone knows a better way, please share it. This is a bit long-winded, but it does work


I think Nationwide is an exception here, all the other banks simply have one column for the reference. As the control for uploading statements uses a shared interface, it looks like the only way to resolve this would be to write some specific code to handle this scenario for NW. I’ll need to refer this for now but when we have spare resources to look at this we will see what can be done.

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