Importing paypal data

I’m trying to import Paypal files and I am getting …

There was an error processing your file
Cannot find column 12.
I have tried everything

please help :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

I think your pet animal walked across your keyboard and made a post.

Getting impatient after a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon and bumping your thread with dreadful messages is not really in the spirit of the forum.

Ok buddy :slight_smile: I need to urgently sort out the accounts thanks for ur constructive post also… :slight_smile:

Hi @Scott_Warnes

If when you’re importing the statement you select “PayPal” as the bank, the system expects the file to be in a certain layout. Is the file you’re uploading unedited? What is column 12 in the file if you open it in excel or other spreadsheet software?

Your other option is selecting “other” from the back list, and map the columns yourself.

I import straight from paypal.
Thanks for your help.
I also have another 2 issues,
I have a purchase from my personal credit card which i linked the purchase to goods purchased.
I cant tag the remainder balance as an expense as its a personal purchase is it possible to tag these purchases as a personal spend but not go towards tax.
So say i spent 5.99 on a subscription for personal use from my paypal how can i link this to say it was a personal purchase and not a business transaction.
Also i put a purchase of 10 pound for stock purchase but dont know where to tag it from as it was cash i used in the past which is not from the new bushiness sales.

If you import the CSV straight from PayPal, it should import all OK. What does column 12 contain if you open it in spreadsheet software?

With your other questions - are you able to post individual questions as separate topics please? It helps makes things easier for those looking for help on the same topic.

It worked when i used the other option like you suggested, column 12 had nothing inside Ill make a new topic thanks for your quick reply