Importing pre-existing invoices / Purchase category for conference

Hello everyone, I have two questions.

  1. I have pre-existing invoices (with my logo, in PDF format). According to another question in the community, I uploaded them to purchases but they are not purchases. Is there an equivalent page for invoice uploads?

  2. In the Receipts section there is no purchase category for conferences and events. Would General Purchases cover it?

Thank you.

Hello @Punk_Translator

  1. You sales invoice design can not be uploaded.

You can upload the logo and make amendments to the Sales > Invoice customisation screen to get the format you require or use CSS to make further design changes

  1. You can create your own codes if required in the chart of accounts

Many thanks, QFSteve.

Hello @Punk_Translator

If you need help with the design just let me know.

Not sure what the other reply relates to but you can move the files using the document manager after uploading.

Thank you, most helpful!

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