Impoting Natwest bank statement

Hi i have just imported a csv file but it does not show the correct figures in QF as it does on the csv file, i have just reset my account so there are no other transactions that could affect it can you please advise me as to what may cause this, the csv is imported from natwest

Are you manually mapping the CSV or selecting the option Natwest in the drop-down menu?

How is it not showing the figures correct? Are the debits and credits reversed?

I have selected natwest in the bank management section and then modify bank account and selected natwest from the drop down,I have checked my online bank and the statement is correct with the csv file downloaded from there, but when i import it to QF it is totally different,

NatWest CSV download lists the transactions oldest at the top, but Quickfile lists them newest at the top. When the transactions are uploaded to quickfile, it sorts them to newest at the top, so transactions made on the same DAY are in a different order to the bank statement, and some balances also differ.
On quickfile I look for the last transaction shown for a particular day to get the accurate balance for that date.

From an accounting perspective what’s important is the end of day balances match your statement, the exact order in which they appear within each day is not important.

It could be that you have not set the opening balance for that bank account