Incorrect invoice number

I have just discovered that I have created an invoice with an incorrect invoice number. The problem is I cannot amend the invoice as the vat period is closed and locked the invoice. Is there any way of amending the invoice number?

Hi @ESL62,

Unfortunately the only way to amend an invoice that has been locked into the VAT period would be to roll back the VAT return. I would not recommend this though.

Oh that’s a shame. I really thought someone behind the scenes there could just ament the invoice number so I could use the number in question for the correct invoice.

Hi @ESL62,

Unfortunately not, we have to be very careful with things like this due to VAT returns needing to be audited and having a paper trail etc. You could re-use the number in question by adding a letter at the end or an extra number so that it isn’t flagged as a duplicate but you keep the continuity?

Ok thanks for your help but in this case as I dont actually use quickfile for the invoicing the correct invoice number is on the invoice that was sent to the customer. I only use QF for the recording of my accounts and vat returns therefore it is actually the QF number that is incorrect and it wont match the invoice that the customer has.

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